Behind the Scenes with DougieBear – Brendan Taylor on Working with Briana Buckmaster, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles!


I enjoyed the character of Doug when he was introduced back in Season 11, so I was overjoyed to see Doug return in last week’s Supernatural ‘Breakdown’. Which means I couldn’t wait to talk with Brendan Taylor, the actor who brought Doug to life. We caught up by phone the day after the episode, and despite being interrupted by multiple bouts of laughter and several US-to-Canada phone glitches, we had a great chat.

Doug returns as the love interest of Sheriff Donna (Briana Buckmaster) who is also one of the stars of the proposed Supernatural spin off, Wayward Sisters.

Lynn: I loved that episode so much last night!!

Brendan: I’m quite happy with it! Obviously, reading the script, it was fun to read, and I think it was nice that compared to some episodes that maybe have more fantasy involved, this one had more realistic elements.

L: It seemed like…

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Supernatural 13.10 – Wayward Sisters!


Last Thursday was a day full of anticipation for the Supernatural fandom – it was the day we finally got to see the Wayward Sisters episode. Wayward Sisters was not only an episode of Supernatural, but a backdoor pilot for a possible spinoff starring instead of two brothers, six women! That fact alone, unfortunately, is pretty unusual on television, let alone on the CW. Women’s voices are finally being heard a bit more both in media and in the world in general, so the Wayward Sisters pilot is coming at a good time. Perhaps not only the Supernatural fandom but a whole lot of viewers are ready for a show whose leads are all female.

At least I hope so. Don’t get me wrong, I love Supernatural and I love it just the way it is. The show has had some amazing female characters over the years, including the ones…

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Behind the Scenes of Supernatural with Director Richard Speight Jr.


I’ve known Richard Speight Jr. for a long time – a decade in fact! I loved his portrayal of the Trickster and Gabriel on Supernatural, and I’ve always loved talking to him. About the show, about the cons, about the fandom, about the business – Richard has always had the most fascinating insights. He wrote a chapter for our third book, Fan Phenomena Supernatural, which I love. And it’s always just plain fun to sit down and chat with him, especially as a wonderful way to end a hectic but fun con weekend. Richard talked about wanting to direct early on, so it’s been truly awesome to watch him pursue that dream and be successful thanks to determination, talent and lots of hard work. We don’t get to sit down and chat at the end of cons nearly as often as we used to, but we did in San…

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