Art in the SPNFamily: Part One: Focus on Photographers


If you asked 100 people to give a definition of art, you would probably get 100 different answers. There are so many kinds and types and genres and styles of art. For each one, there are a multitude of different mediums and materials used in creating art. And there are literally hundreds of thousands of people making this thing we call art… and no one way is right and none of them are wrong. Some types or mediums or artists speak to me, something about their art resonates within me. Everyday my twitter feed is full of art. And artists. And ideas and talent and hours of hard work. And it is beautiful and uplifting and inspiring. Truth be told, I don’t love it all… in fact, some of it I don’t even like… but even for the individual pieces that I don’t like, I can appreciate the time and…

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Matt Cohen and Jared Padalecki on “Family Don’t End With Blood”


In May, several of the actors attended the Jus In Bello Convention in Italy, affectionately known as JIB. During his panel, Matt Cohen talked candidly about writing his chapter in my new book, “Family Don’t End With Blood.” Later that weekend, during his solo panel, Jared also spoke very openly and honestly about his experience writing his chapter in the book. They both put their heart and soul into their chapters, which is very clear when you read them. You might want to have tissues ready!

Kim Prior was kind enough to compile several videos from JIB, and put together a beautifully edited video featuring these moments from Matt and Jared.

Matt and Jared talk about FDEWB

This cast, seriously. How did we get so lucky?

If you haven’t read Matt and Jared’s (and Jensen’s and Misha’s and everyone else’s…), check it out!


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