Supernatural “LOTUS” – The Good, the Not, the Hmm and the Mmm



The mid-season finale of Supernatural won’t go down in history as one of my favorites, much to my disappointment. I didn’t hate it – it kept my interest throughout, so there’s that. Some of that sustained interest was me shaking my head and muttering “too soon, too soon,” and some of it was me shaking my head and demanding of my television “what the hell is even happening?” and occasionally it was me going “mmm boys in handcuffs,” but I wasn’t bored.

The episode moved the season’s arc forward, following Lucifer in his vessel-hopping reign of wreaking havoc right into the President of the United States, and eventually managing to drive him out. Yay for a moment of Winchesters success! Crowley and Cas continue to be a team, and Rowena joins in to help, all of them united in their very evident hatred of Lucifer. Along the way, the British…

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Winchesters in Leather! Supernatural’s ‘Rock Never Dies’



This is a drive-by review, written from the family vacation last week, where I couldn’t actually watch Supernatural as it aired.   Of course, I couldn’t entirely stay off twitter either, so I knew that a) I was probably going to enjoy the episode and b) Sam and Dean are wearing leather.  And someone mentioned Dean in eyeliner. What????  Why was this the episode I had to miss??? I then spent the next day biting my nails and trying to find it on amazon or hulu and wondering when the hell the new episode finally appears on the CW app.  Finally youtube allowed me to buy it, much to my tremendous relief. Because, Sam and Dean in leather!

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